Monday, June 7, 2010

Ml Video Cut Tari Ariel Peterpan

Video Cut Tari Ariel - Associated with the circulation of a video nasty couples like Lux soap commercials, Luna Maya with vocalist Nazriel Irham aka Ariel, PT Unilever as a soap manufacturer, will soon determine the future of the two stars of its ads.

Video Cut Tari "There will be no meeting with Luna Maya and Ariel. Whatever rumors there are, we still will ask for information from concerned," explained Head of Corporate Communication of PT Unilever, Maria Dewanti Dwianto, when found in Graha Unilever, Jakarta, Monday (7 / 6 / 2010).

On Friday (06/04/2010) then, the PT Unilever claims to have held meetings with management and Ariel Luna. Only, in the meeting, it certainly has not determined attitude. "Management Luna Maya and Ariel already filed a rebuttal last Friday. Sure, we want to keep the image ambassador. So if there are rumors that we do is confirm first," exclaimed Maria.

After confirmation, the next PT Unilever will be holding meetings again with the Luna and Ariel to give certainty of the future both as a star of Lux soap ad. "The plan in the next two days (Wednesday) we will have another meeting," said Maria.

Maria unfolded, following the circulation of the video, the PT Unilever has not felt the loss when viewed from the level of product sales. "We are sorry there are rumors like this, but we do not feel disadvantaged because of profit loss of level of sales," says Maria.

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